New Technology

The New "P.I.D" algoritham controller unvailed

The PID controller calculation (algoritham) involves three separate parameters; the Proportional, the Integral and Derivative values. The Proportional value determines the reaction to the current error, the Integral determines the reaction based on the sum of recent errors and the Derivative determines the reaction to the rate at which the error has been changing. The weighted sum of these three

actions is used to adjust the process via the setting on the Titan temperature control knob and the power transmitted to the heating elements. The technology allows the Titan Electronic Tankless Water Heater to linearly adjust it's own power based on water flow changes to control the stability of the water temperature. This PID controller technology is now on all Titan models being manufactures. Were other companies are using still using old ON/OFF systems or STEP-UP STEP-DOWN push button thermostate Tanklessology Development Laboratories / Niagara Industries Inc is the only one that has this new technology available.

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